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Organizational Culture

Beautiful park environment
The reconstruction of building (11,227Km2) of our center was finished in July 2004. The people-oriented building is open, specialized, digitized and multi-functional, which can meet the various requirements, improve environment, and enhance the service and managing level. It is the unity of practicality, efficiency, comfort and economy.

Our center is in the same block with Shanghai Branch, Chinese Academy of Sciences. Following the principle of natural, environmental protecting and color architecture, the greenbelt, sunshine hall and scenery of the park are perfectively integrated as a whole, which reflects the radiation function of the center to the whole park. Therefore a neat and quiet public space is constructed for readers and staff.

Profound connotation of innovative culture
Slogan - "Establishing knowledge mine, serving for innovation". Following the requirement of CAS and SIBS, we call on the staff to build up the concept of serving for S&T researches and respecting work.

Direction - "Integrating dominant sources, ensuring support for research innovation". Aiming at this direction, we integrated informatics, life sciences, network technology, archives, and editology, to form the powerful imformation supporting system for the projects of SIBA and Shanghai City.

Moral - "Serving for researches, customer first; Polite action & words, standard proprieties; Respect work, diligent on study; abiding for rules, active in work; United in team, commutative help & profit; Considering the overall situation, devotion for the team; Push forward with ages, pioneering and innovating".

Consciousness - Focusing on the interaction of staff and readers, and improving the function of youth in the work of new information support system with innovation ideas.

System - Following the working guideline of "harmonizing relationship, changing mechanism, and improving service", we use the managing strategy of "systemic management, sorting assessment, and harmonious development" to shape favorable order.

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